CAT Latest of Zack Tolliver, FBI Series (#4)
(Published 2016) "She paused, waited. It came again, far beyond the pasture fence, up the wooded slope toward the higher elevations; a call of some creature, a wolf, coyote, maybe an owl, she couldn't tell. It didn't come a third time."

Zack Tolliver, FBI, rushes home to Tuba City, Arizona, after he learns his friend Eagle Feather was involved in a hunting accident––a mountain lion attack. The Navajo hunting guide's client is seriously injured. Zack knows the only way to cure his friend's guilt is to hunt the cat down. But he quickly learns this is no ordinary cat, and this will be no ordinary hunt.

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ZACA Zack Tolliver FBI Series (#3)
(Published 2015) "The sun was almost gone behind the ridge. The strange bends in the oak branches and shadows in the dense chaparal, cloaked in dusk, took on new meaning. It was dead quiet. Zack felt the hair on the back of his neck prickle."

A farm worker disappears, another takes his place, the numbers stay the same. Rancher Rufus Reyes isn't fooled. His operation is small, he knows everyone. Then another worker disappears and no one takes his place. The man's wife is hysterical, yet won't talk. Reyes needs help.

In this third book of the Zack Tolliver, FBI, series, Dr. Susan Apgar asks Zack to help her deliver a lecture to a college criminal justice class. A pleasant junket to California's beautiful Central Coast, thinks Zack, but instead he becomes immersed in a case involving drug smuggling, rival cartels, murder, and an old enemy. The clues begin to add up, the victims pile up, the mystery grows ever deeper, and the danger more imminent.

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(Published 2012) "The hunters saw where the early morning sun glinted on something that didn't belong there and the three of them walked that way."

Following the death of his wife and son at childbirth John Roundtree becomes a bitter recluse, rumored to dabble in the supernatural. When hunting guide Eagle Feather and his two clients stumble across the body of a small white girl on a lonely mesa on the reservation, people naturally suspect Roundtree. When FBI agent Zack Tolliver is called in he finds bear tracks leading away from the body. He follows them until they mysteriously turn to human prints.

The Other is an exciting adventurous romp in pursuit of a mystery killer across the highlands and deserts of the American Southwest, the sort of mystery thriller that sends you to bed early just to read it.



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(Published 2013) "Our forefathers had a name for these hunters of the night," he whispered. "They called them...Mestaclocan." 

Do other man-like creatures exist on earth beyond the veil of human awareness? Do they even now walk among us? Do…some even prey upon us? After an early morning phone call brings news of another body, a third woman with her throat slashed, FBI Agent Zack Tolliver begins to wonder. And friend San Francisco Homicide Detective Marty O'Bannon needs his help. Zack has his own responsibilities at the Navajo Indian Reservation and he sends Eagle Feather, the local hunting guide and a friend, in his place. But what Eagle Feather discovers inevitably draws Zack to the city and into the vortex of a deadly mystery. Mestaclocan captivates the reader with unexpected twists and turns and growing heart-racing suspense to the very end.


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(Published 2015)  


LOS ALAMOS VALLEY, a pictorial history of Los Alamos and Los Alamos Valley, California, by R. Lawson Gamble, published by Arcadia Publishing for its Images of America series, available at

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