I HAVE ADDED THIS NEW PAGE TO SHARE MY ADVENTURES RUNNING TRAIL and to share with readers where some of my ideas are generated. I’m fortunate to live in beautiful and (for a trail runner) challenging surroundings.


This first image is a natural wind-carved arch in the Santa Ynez Mountains. Below is an inclined valley where Chumash archeological sites exist. The arroyo empties into the Pacific Ocean at Gaviota. My running trail came up the slopes below.

Recent run up and over Gaviota Peak proof of passage for me and a lizard. Altitude gain and loss 2143 feet and 6.5 miles. The lizard stayed.

Agave plant needle and thread makes a great emergency sewing kit.

Deep in the Los Padres National Forest, there are sandstone caves where prehistoric rock art, carved steps, and similar evidence of ancient Chumash ancestors can still be found if you know where to look. I was privileged to be included on a 12 mile hike with someone who knew where to look.

Guardian of the forest.

This feral pig family crossed my trail just where I had seen a mountain lion the prior week. Coincidence?

Grass Mountain looking splendiferous.

What is it? The pipe, about four inches in diameter, is permanently affixed to the barrel. This picture does not show the full length, about fifteen feet. The entire contraption used to stand upright secured by several guy wires. The fence divides Gaviota State Park from private ranch land on the right.

There is a reason trails are closed, sometimes. This trail on Figueroa Mountain was closed after a soaking rain and windstorm. What used to be on the tree is now lying across the trail on the lower left of the photo. What cannot be seen is how huge the limb is and how far it has dug into the ground. If anyone had been under it…

Up on the summit trails wild flowers insist it is spring while…

…in the valleys below, pea sized hail covers the ground like snow.

Grass Mountain Readies for Display
Oblivious to the young mountain lion I had just seen, this young heifer wanders the forest following his friends.

A closer look at Grass Mountain.
Meanwhile, in our own backyard, Drum Canyon looks like this.
End of the trail.
NW Corner of Gaviota Park