Some of you may have found this novella already published in a volume entitled WESTERN JUSTICE, an ebook anthology with two other Western/Native American authors. I hope you enjoyed it. It will continue to be free, until it is taken down by agreement among all three authors.

I have decided to publish THE DARK ROAD individually as if the anthology did not exist, for two reasons. Beyond the book’s description of Zack Tolliver’s very first moments in Navajo Land and his first impressions of Eagle Feather, who of course is to become his best friend, the book is a good mystery and should stand on its own on the e-shelf with its fellows. Second, I intend to publish the novella as a paperback book as well, to stand on the physical shelf with its fellows. And yes, it will hopefully generate income, although as a novella of 103 pages, it will never cost more than $2.99, the lowest limit allowed by Amazon for international distribution. It will often be less, on sale.

The current cover is a place holder. Kristallynn Designs is hard at work on another of her fabulous covers as I write this. It will appear next week. Look for it on my Amazon page.

The release date for this book is January 8, 2019. A great way to start the new year, I think. The release date for the paperback has not yet been set, but will follow shortly. 

If you wish to purchase the THE DARK ROAD eBook, it will help the author if you do so on Pre-order, as the volume of sales on launch day determines its initial ranking. Ranking is important to visibility. I want all Zack Tolliver, FBI, fans and followers to see and read this book. 

I hope your New Year is a happy and prosperous one. The author. 

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