R Lawson Gamble developed a love of travel and an appreciation for the outdoors at a very early age. His fascination with the Old West came from his grandfather, who grew up next to the Oregon Trail in Kansas and told tales of wagon trains rumbling by his home. His grandmother was raised in a sod house in Kansas near Indian Country and described hiding away when bands of Indians approached. His father’s home town was Coffeyville, Kansas, where the Dalton gang failed famously in their attempt to rob two banks at the same time. 

As a young man R Lawson tasted life; he acted in summer stock music theatre, had a lead role in an opera premier at the Newport Music Festival, cut diamonds, polled for Gallup, Inc., acted and directed music at the Newport Theatre Guild, and even fought forest fires. Eventually he settled down long enough to gain a college degree and spent the next thirty-four years teaching in a private boarding school.

R Lawson Gamble continues to quench his ongoing thirst for adventure whenever possible. He has climbed in five countries. A marathoner, he qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon. He has paddled the Dead River in Maine at flood, sky dived, and kayaked much of the New England Coast from Connecticut to Maine.

Mr. Gamble’s sense of adventure, along with his curiosity, love of history, and his "desire to see what most people never get to see" is evident in the pages of his books. He transports the reader to places that truly exist, places where he has been, and landscapes that readers may find and experience for themselves. He now lives on the Central Coast of California with his wife and family and pursues adventures as his writing allows.

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